How To: Record a Donor Thank-You Message

There’s a reason video feels like it’s everywhere on social media. Videos are often more dynamic than photos; viewers are given a sneak peek into the creator’s life and get a sense of their personality. 

That’s why videos are PERFECT for thanking your classroom donors. You can use video and audio messages to express authentic gratitude to your donor and show them what you purchased with their generous donation. 

Here are some ways you can thank your donors using just your smartphone:

1. Thank-You Video

For this kind of video, stand somewhere with good lighting. You should ask a colleague to record you for the best quality, but a selfie video will also work. 

Address the business who donated to your classroom. Let them know how their donation will make a difference for your students. If you purchased classroom supplies, hold up a few of the items to the camera so they can see how you spent their funds. 

A thank-you video doesn’t need to be long – a minute or less is best!

2. Unboxing Video

You’ve seen an influencer unboxing video, but let us present to you: the teacher unboxing video. When you order supplies using your donation, record yourself unpacking supplies. Teachers often also include their students in these unboxing videos to capture their energy. 

All the same tips from making a classic thank-you video apply. Remember to look up and address the camera to give them a better look at what’s inside the box! 

Remember: Any adults or students appearing in videos sent to must have a signed photo release form

To get inspired, check out the unboxing videos made by teacher Tik-Tok stars Josh Monroe and Kyle Cohen

3. Voicemail and Audio Recordings

We often ask principals and other school administrators to record a voicemail to thank their donors. For busy individuals, these phone calls take only a few minutes, but convey emotions and gratitude in a way other methods don’t. 

Record a voice note on your phone to thank your donor directly and let them know how much their donation means to you. Upload the voice note in the donor thank-you form sent you requesting help thanking your sponsor. 

When you record, make sure to limit background noise as much as you can. 

4. Podcast

If you have a podcast at your school or district, it’s great to highlight a wider program and then give a shout-out to the sponsor who made that program possible. 

Coming from the School District of South Milwaukee, where the South Milwaukee High School received a large donation towards their STEM programming from one of our sponsors, this podcast episode features a mention of the transformational work they were able to do with their funds.

Upload the podcast file to your donor thank-you form, or send us a link at [email protected].

We hope these tips leave you inspired to create some audio or visual messages to thank your donor! If you’re looking for other ways to thank your donor, check out our blog on taking quality photos.