Teachers Deserve Better: $10,000 Donation Match May 2-3 

The donation match is over. Thank you to everyone who participated.

Teachers deserve better. They deserve better treatment and resources. They deserve their voices to be listened to. This Teacher Appreciation Week, join AdoptAClassroom.org to help give teachers the resources they deserve.

AdoptAClassroom.org is committed to supporting teachers by providing school supply funding for them to spend on their classroom needs. In honor of Teacher Appreciation Week 2022, we’re matching up to $10,000 in donations to teachers on AdoptAClassroom.org. 

On May 2–3, we’re doubling donations made to PreK-12 classroom pages on AdoptAClassroom.org, up to $50*. Matching begins at 7am CT on Monday, May 2, 2022, and ends on Tuesday, May 3, 2022 at 5pm CT. 

Our two-day match ends when we reach our $10,000 matching funds. If you’re a PreK-12 teacher registered on AdoptAClassroom.org, start sharing your AdoptAClassroom.org page on social media when our match begins. Not registered on AdoptAClassroom.org? Create a classroom page before we start matching donations.

Guidelines to Qualify for Our Donation Match

*Matching begins at 7am CT on Monday, 5/2/2022 and ends at 5pm CT on Tuesday, 5/3/2022 or when we hit our goal of matching $10,000 in classroom donations. Donors will be notified via email by 5pm CT on 5/04/2022 if their donation earned a match. We will update this blog page when the matching funds run out.

Donations must be processed on 5/3 as part of the first $10,000 in matched teacher donations. Mailed checks and pledges are not eligible for a match. Matching donations will be disbursed within a week to your AdoptAClassroom.org account.

In case of monthly donations, AdoptAClassroom.org will match the first donation on 5/2/22 or 5/3/22, up to $50, but not the following monthly gifts.

Donation Match Guidelines

To support as many classrooms as possible:

  • If a teacher donates to their own page, the donation is not eligible for a match
  • Unique donations will be matched up to a maximum of $50 until we reach our overall goal of $10,000.
  • If an individual makes 1+ donation(s) to different teachers, all donations will be matched
  • If an individual makes 1+ donation(s) to the same teacher, only one donation will be matched
  • If a teacher receives 1+ donation(s) from different donors, all donations will be matched
  • If a donation is made on any website other than AdoptAClassroom.org, the donation is not eligible for a match