Natural Disaster Relief for Teachers and Students

Natural Disaster Relief Needed for Schools

Natural Disaster Relief is needed for teachers and students now more than ever. COVID-19 hit schools and communities hard, and revitalization efforts are already impeded by a lack of funding. Distance learning costs drained teachers’ bank accounts and high-need students were left behind. Because of this, many schools are struggling to find a routine.

Natural disasters add an additional obstacle to recovery. The United States Geological Survey reports that global warming will only increase frequency and intensity of events. Natural disasters are here to stay and they present a critical threat to classroom communities across the United States.

In order to address this crucial need, has launched The Natural Disaster Relief Fund for Teachers and Students. This fund directly serves communities most impacted by fires, hurricanes, and other natural disasters.

Teachers and students need your help now more than ever. 

Will you make a gift to support a wide range of relief efforts lifting up schools most impacted by natural disasters?

Our History of Natural Disaster Relief has long supported schools in the midst of crises caused by natural disasters. Since 2017, we’ve raised over $100,000 in disaster relief efforts supporting over 7,300 students. Our supporters’ impact spans the entire country. We reached Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria, Paradise, California after the record-breaking Camp Fire, Texas and Louisiana after Hurricane Harvey, and many more communities devastated by natural disasters. 

Your support is the path to recovery. Please make your natural disaster relief gift today.